Purpose and Mission Oh heyyyy! First and foremost, I would like to thank you for taking the time to stop by and checking out our blog. My name is Craig Williams, co-founder of the Dopamine Dance Movement. I am excited and honored to write and add the first blog post entry onto our new website. Dopamine Dance Movement is a brand new non-for-profit organization with 501c3 status, serving the state of California. Our mission and purpose is to educate the recovery, health and wellness communities on the importance and benefits of naturally replenishing the organic chemical, “dopamine” via dance and movement; using electronic dance music (EDM) as a conduit to create an enjoyable environment, free of alcohol, drugs and any other mind/mood altering chemicals. We also advocate and promote the benefits of healthy habits i.e. diet, exercise, meditation, yoga, listening to good music, dance, Spirituality, etc.  Our goal is to create such an environment in various locations, on a monthly basis, around the city of  Los Angeles (to start).

Who are the founders and why was it founded? The “Dopamine Dance Movement” was founded by myself and partner, Victoria Rasskozova, aka “Dj Viki Love”, out of necessity and a genuine compassion for those who love music and dancing but aren’t so interested in being in the presence of alcohol, drugs nor those who use them. Victoria and I met at a House Music party and instantly connected on the dance floor. We began talking about how good music and dancing makes you feel. I disclosed to Victoria that I was a recovering alcoholic and that I wished that there were more parties that healthy people could frequent without their sobriety or positive energy being compromised nor threatened. Victoria, not in recovery, added that she too felt the same. She disclosed a Spiritual awakening that she had while soul searching in India. She no longer wanted to compromise her positive energy and vibration. To make a long story short, we hit off. We established common ground with music, dance and spiritual wellness. Victoria invited me to a day party that she was playing and the idea hit me. We contemplated the idea for close to 6 months, throwing out bait to those whom we thought would know a good idea and cause when they heard it. Together, we share the day-to-day operation, event coordination and overall production and officers of the organization.

What is dopamine and what does it do? Happiness. Love. Pleasure. Motivation. Each of these feelings have a chemical in the brain working behind the scene to signal that it is about to be rewarded: dopamine. Often, when someone with a substance use disorder describes why they do drugs, they express a want or need of the feeling that the drug produces. This pleasurable feeling that they seek is dopamine at work in the user’s brain. When something we perceive to be good is generated in our systems, that’s when dopamine neurons are activated. Different people need different pleasures and rewards to get enough dopamine. Research shows that both music and dance offer the feeling that activates dopamine. Hence, “Music Gets Me High”.

What does dancing have to do with dopamine? Various forms of dance are physically rewarding as they offer both psychological and social outlets for expression. Dancing works on the whole body through complex movement that cultivates interaction between different areas of the brain. In turn, these forged connections create a “mind/body” relationship that works in distinct regenerative ways. As such dance has become a common form of physical and mental therapy for Parkinsons disease and dementia specifically.

Why does music make you happy? Listening to moving music causes the brain to release dopamine, the feel good chemical. People love music for much the same reason they’re drawn to sex, drugs, gambling and delicious food.


Dopamine Dance Movement presents, “Music Gets Me High”  Will be the first installment of many monthly “House Music/EDM” dance events organized by the Dopamine Dance Movement organization. Our launch event will take place: Saturday, November 24th, 2018 @MetroCafe, 603 Arizona Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401(é/) We will be injecting “Musical Dopamine” from 10am-3pm

*Dopamine Injections will be provided by Dj Viki Love, Craig C. Cheatem and a Special Guest Dj*

This event is donation based and open to the public (Suggested Donation of $10/NO ONE WILL BE TURNED AWAY). Come out and join us as we dance, socialize and burn off those “Turkey-Day” calories!!! Metro Café is a donation based coffee shop and will be providing refreshments for the event.


Become a Sponsor and/or a Volunteer We would love your help.  In fact, we really need you. Help us grow and nurture this new community of consciousness by clicking on the donation button on our website and make a one time or ongoing donation.  We are 501c3 status. If you would like Dopamine Dance Movement to come to your city, state, treatment facility, sober living, yoga studio, dance studio, music venue, etc.  Simply send us an email: and lets begin planning.  If you can’t make a donation and would just like to be a part of this new and exciting movement, that’s great! We need: Event volunteers, social media marketers, event announcers at meetings, photographers, dancers (Just show up and dance), music lovers and people to generally spread the word about this wonderful concept.  (Copy/paste our “url” and send it to your friends, family, church, health/wellness group etc…). Dopamine Dance Movement is a wonderful cause and with your help, it can bring enjoyment and healing to many people.